Soccer Community

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have never coached before, however I am interested in volunteering for a coaching position. Is this OK?

A. Absolutely. We provide in person coaching instruction, and concise online reference material. You can be a very successful coach if you pay attention to this material and have a positive attitude. It can be a lot of fun, and a front-row seat to watch your child play.

Q. I would like to coach, but I may be away on a business trip or have to work late some days. Should I still sign up?

A. Yes. The program generally has two coaches per team, and we try to assign teams so that coaches complement each other. One backs up the other if they are away, or is earlier with equipment if the other one might arrive later. Coaching with a friend may be a fun experience. If you have a coach you would like to coach with as a team, put the other coach's son or daughter on the friend request field of registration.

Q. I registered in 2016. Can I save typing in my contact and child information??

A. Yes, as of 2017 the userid, contact, and child information can be retrieved from the previous year. Please note that you cannot create the same userid again -- you would need to login with the old password or reset the password.

Q. I was not able to decide on a volunteer position to complete registration. What can I do??

A. Your registration information is automatically saved as you go, and you can always login later to change it and complete it. You can also go back and register an additional child, although it is recommended to register all your children at once if you can.

Q: What do I do if I can only make it to one day a week of two day per week programs?

Please go ahead and register anyway and indicate in the notes of the children screen of registration which day you can play on. We will do our best to make sure that the teams are balanced to take account of players who can only make it out once a week.

Q. Does the outdoor recreational program qualify for the government Childrens Fitness Tax Credit?

A. Yes. This program meets the criteria for an eligible activity. For more information on the Children's Fitness Tax Credit, please click here.

Q. We missed the deadline for the late registration. Is there any way that we can still register?

A. No. Team rosters, uniform ordering, etc., are all based on the number of players at the close of registration. It creates a significant logistical challenge if we have a continuous trickle of late registrants.

Q. We do not live in Edgemont and our community does not have its own soccer program. Can my child register in the Edgemont program?

A. Yes. There are no restrictions regarding residency in Edgemont, however you will need to have a valid membership in the Edgemont Community Association. Memberships are purchased automatically during the online registration process.

Q. Now that we are registered, when should we expect to be contacted about the season?

A. Coaches will be contacting their teams in mid April.

Q. How do you determine the cut-off for age categories?

A. The age category is based on how old your child will be in the current calendar year. For example, a child who turns seven in August would play in the U8 age category even though they are technically six during the outdoor soccer season.

Q. My child is a little young for U6 and has no experience. How should we register?

A. You can certainly register for U6, however U5/U6 program may be more appropriate since it should be a lower competition level than U6.

Q. What happens if I miss my volunteer commitment?

A. We will charge your credit card for $100 for non-fulfilment of commitment, an amount which is higher than the $75 nonvolunteer fee. Our goal is not to collect fees through this type of activity and ideally, all volunteers will meet the commitments they signed up for.

Q. My child would like to be on the same team as last year. Is that possible?

A. No. Teams are reformed each season in attempt to make them balanced and fair. Requests to play with friends are generally fulfilled, but teams change from year to year.

Q. After registering, do I need anything else to prepare for the season?

A. Shinguards are mandatory, and can be purchased at a local sporting goods store like SportsChek or Kicks. Non-marking running shoes or indoor soccer shoes are needed. Your child will be provided with a shirt or uniform on the first day of soccer.