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U3/U4 and U4 programs

U3/U4 Mon 5:30-6:00 or 6:05-6:35 or Wed 5:30-6

U4 Wednesdays 6:15 - 6:45 PM

This is a friendly introduction to soccer. Most of the time will be spent on fun, non-competitive games that build confidence with touching the ball. If the kids are ready to play a real soccer game, it would be 3x3. Parents are encouraged to join in and help out, particularly for the U3/U4 group. Unconditional support, praise, and hugs will yield impressive results. Scientific research even proves this!

For 2018, our U4 program is being split into two groups -- U3/U4 and U4. The U3/U4 group is intended for the majority of those turning three - four, who may have separation anxiety, and/or are not old enough to listen intently to a coach and follow directions, as is normal for kids this age. U4, also known as U4 active is intended for kids who are exceptionally good at listening for their age, and who may have some concept of the game of soccer, possible due to watching older siblings play.

Please set your expectation levels for three-four year olds appropriately. They are typically not ready to understand serious soccer instructions. Their brains are doing something more important -- building a foundation of basic motor skills. The sessions should be expected to involve a lot of movements other than kicking or dribbling soccer balls; it is fun and also very useful for these kids to try new and different movements of all kinds. They learn by imitation and exploration in a friendly no pressure environment. Reports are that coaches who use their imaginations, have a lot of patience, and just set out to have fun have a blast with this age group of kids. The kids have fun too!