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Edgemont Field Maps

A - Tom Baines School Field (for most U12-U14 home games)

    250 Edgepark Blvd. NW

B - Edgemont School Field (for U10 and some U12-U14 house league)

    33 Edgevalley Circle NW

C - Reservoir Park Skating Rink (for U3-U8 rec)

    Edgemont Drive NW near John Laurie Blvd


U4-U8 Recreational Soccer

Game Fields are all located on at the south side of reservoir park by the skating rink. Teams typically play if there is not severe precipitation and temperatures are above 10 degrees celcius for U4-U6 and above 5 degrees celcius for U8.

Detailed Field Maps (Fields used by the age group are highlighted and lettered.)

  1. U3/U4
  2. U4
  3. U5
  4. U5/U6
  5. U6
  6. U8 coed
  7. U8 boys

U10 Recreational Soccer

In 2018, U10 teams will play at Edgemont School Field