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Edgemont Soccer is a community-run, non-profit, volunteer-based organization. All families are required to fulfill at least one volunteer role as a condition of registration.  If you have more than one child in our program, your family is still only required to fill one volunteer role. An option to pay a non-volunteer fee is available, but discouraged since volunteers make the program possible. Without sufficient volunteers to run the programs, they are at risk of being cancelled. Please consider this fun and rewarding opportunity to make a difference for your kids and community.

The most critical recreational volunteer positions are for coaching. At least two coaches are required for each team and at the younger age group levels absolutely no experience is required. For more information about coaching, please read the coaching section below.

There are also numerous volunteer positions with the year-end BBQ, field maintenance workers, equipment volunteers, Soccerfest volunteers and age group coordinators.

Detailed job descriptions are available in the online registration system during the registration process.


To teach young kids, you do not need to be an expert in soccer. What you need is to be enthusiastic, have fun, and reinforce what players do right with praise. Praise will make the kids feel good about soccer and doing their best. Your positive thinking will carry over and reap huge dividends for your team.

Basic kicking, dribbling, and passing are all the skills you need and can be learned easily.  Mostly you will direct the kids to play some fun soccer-skill building games like "British bulldog". Playing the right games, week after week, you will be amazed at the improvement of your players. The fuel driving their learning and improvement is having fun. When you see the kids enjoying themselves, you will find yourself having fun too.

You will be taught all of the skills you need at one of our coaching clinics held at the ECA. For dates, times, and locations, please see our key dates page.  If you register to be a coach, you will be contacted with further information on the clinics and a coaching guide.

Please sign up to volunteer helping with coaching. We intend to have two coaches for every team, in the event that you cannot make it to a game and need backup. If you are going to watch your child play soccer, what better front-row seating can you have than being on the field cheering him or her on as coach? Relax - your team will not need play-by-play direction on what to do on the field, just some encouragement and praise.